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AngelEarth Music

is now offering

24/7 Streaming through our Subscription Page

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N O W      P L A Y I N G

1.) Manipura (Solar Plexus)
2.) Goddess Ixchel (Live Edit)
3.) Evening Candles
4.) Full Moon
5.) Goddess Inanna (Live Edit)
6.) Swadisthana (Sacral Chakra)

AngelEarth Music is committed 
to bringing to the planet, 
high vibration, positive music 
to help with your relaxation, 
healing and meditation. 


AngelEarth Music is now offering meditation music written specifically for you, for your guided meditations, 
radio shows, classes or whatever else you need music for. You pay once and the music is yours and yours alone. 
The price is $85.00 per minute for the first ten minutes and then $55 per minute after that.
Contact us here or on Facebook for more information 

Check out the 5 Collections: The Archangels, The Goddesses, The Waves, The Yoga and the Complete Collection. 
These are all specially priced at big discounts.
Also if you are interested in Mark Watson's artwork, go to the artwork page and click on the link. 
There's quite a few to choose from and lots of options. 
 ....... Peace and Love 2U All. 

Mark Watson, inspiring musician, connects listeners to their divine nature and creative potential through healing sounds and soulful lyrics.
Despite shifts in the physical structure of AngelEarth, Mark Watson consciously and continuously maintains his company's global mission with integrity:
"AngelEarth is the perfect reflection of the highest expression of Love through words, music, and art whose intention is the Ascension of Planet Earth."
Originally, AngelEarth consisted of Watson (vocals and keyboard) and partner Michael Wise (guitar and vocals). Wise's son, Shaun (bass guitar and vocals) joined the band in 2000. After Michael's passing in 2002, Shaun remained with Watson until 2004. Since then, Watson has been the sole musician for AngelEarth, the company name under which he continues to produce.
For the following 8 years, Mark toured, performing his original compositions in Australia, Okinawa, Hawaii, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Canada and throughout the United States.
Watson's concerts and performances aim to connect others with their higher power and foster spiritual relationships with God, angels, fairies, goddesses, ascended masters, or whatever divine wisdom believers wish to align themselves. Through that connection, his work has brought inner peace, clarity, and self-awareness to his audience.


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