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Archangel Zadkiel, (11:55) “ The righteousness of God.” Zadkiel is known as
the archangel of mercy. He helps to remind us that our true spitit
goes way beyond this earthly experience. With this music, call on Zadkiel to help
you with forgiveness of yourself and others with total compassion and love.

( Key of Db. There is something about this key signature I have
always found appealing. The tones have always resonated with me.
The theme is: 5,6,3 5,6,3 2,3 2,3 and the bridge being 7,6,8 7,6,8
6,7,5 5,6,4 4,3,2. There are only two stereo tracks on this, as I wanted
to keep it simple. Because really if you stop, get out of your ego and look at it,
forgiveness, mercy and compassion are very basic concepts and easy to achieve.
Try it, you’ll like it. )