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Archangel Chamuel, (12:31) “he who sees God”. Chamuel’s energy is gentle, kind,
and loving. He is the protector of our planet from negative energies.
With this music, call upon Chamuel to help you find anything; be it
items, life purpose, or career path. Also, Chamuel will help you find your soulmate,
or bring peace to any unsolved situation you may have.

(Key of Ab. The basic melody of 1,6,1,3,2,1, 6,1,2,3,5 sounded Asian to me.
So that’s where I put this. The main instrument is an Erhu – a two stringed Chinese
violin, which almost has a human quality to it. A Santoor which is an Indian instrument
resembling a hammered dulcimer only usually plucked as in this case and
a droning Tambura were used as well as an Indian flute and female vocalist.
Asia is a huge place, so if you can find something there you can find
it anywhere. Thank you Chamuel.)