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Archangel Raguel,(12:27) “friend of God.” Raguel’s main job is overseeing
the archangels and other angelic beings. He makes sure that everything is
running in pure divine order. With this music, call upon Raguel to help
you feel empowered to bring about resolving any situation with
harmony and orderliness.

( Rhythm is the key. As I was channeling and listening to what Raguel was
telling me, my response kept being, “Really?” “Seriously?” “You’re sure?“
I was told, “I’m the battery. We’ll energize them. Let them dance, sway
and move.” So, I listened. There are 20 some tracks of rhythm. Some
not quite getting along but always working it out if you see the whole picture.
Resolve your conflicts with harmony and remember to dance, sway and move. )