1. Soul Soul Soul

From the recordings Obsidian and I Will

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(T. Scavnicky)


There is no cryin and there is no lyin where I go

There’s the silence that lead me to angels and a heart of gold

And it took me so long I had nowhere to rest

I even enlisted myself for a test and you know

Oh I know Oh


Soul Soul Soul Don’t you know All your troubles are over

Soul Soul Soul What a beautiful halo just beyond your shoulder

And eventually they’ll be someone for me

Someone that I could come home to

I could share what I know I’m already aglow

I might even have something to show and you know

Oh I know Oh


Well you’re already home

You’re already home

You’re already home

There’s a little girl wiping the tears from her face

Is there somebody coming to take her away

With her brand new bike and a banana seat

Will it take her all the way down to the end of the street

She can go Oh I can go Oh


Just beyond your shoulder