From the recording Mrs. Blue

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I'd like to tell you a fabled story of where I've been and where I might be goin
Thought I had it all figured out callin the shots weatherin droughts
Then I felt you becoming there in my mind before I met you
Out of the way I fought and kicked underwater under this
Nothing can stop this tidal wave of depth and motion words unspoken
Now I need you like food and drink mother and father swim or sink
Never under the gun but pullin the trigger
Make the shot and I deliver bang bang bang

Breaking down a heart of stone Air Water Fire and Earth
Your breath fills me up Yes it does
There is thunder in between our lips meltin me down and then lightning hits
I am Air Water Fire and Earth nature she never explains she doesn't rehearse
I'm in love with a dream

When I wonder and meditate
When I feel bad and when I feel great baby
When I'm alone in my car I hear a song I go
When you're around when and when you're not it's makes no difference my bllod still runs
Rich and rough talkin it up then my brain starts motion pictures
YOu are smilin we are laughing I am verge of crying
Everybody there is lookin at us when we ge tclose sparks erupt
YOu're like coffee perkin me up
Your like sugar tastes so good


You soothe my savage beast and dance with my devils
Then we sit down to eat
You know their a part of me you welcome the mystery

Deep inside I find you there
Runnin around playin with my hair baby
Diggin deep around the roots
Planting flowers tending shoots
let me tyouch you let me care
Extraordinary like mountain air
I"ve been reborn a poet's bliss a saint's embrace and angel's wish

Touched by grace cleansed by lust
Air Fire Water Earth
Touched by grace cleansed by lust
Air Fire Water Earth
Touched by grace cleansed by lust
Air Fire Water Earth