The Dolphin Cove Meditation


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Calling all lovers, protectors, warriors, and advocates for the Sea and all of it's Creatures. Couldn't join us for this LIVE meditation? The MP3 of the meditation is now available and will be sent to you after purchase. We must do something to help the dolphins of the Cove and the inhabitants of the oceans. Our hearts and our intentions can make a difference. October's new moon on the 15th is in the sign of Libra, the sign of justice, harmony and balance. From Mark Watson: "Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of all sea creatures. The goddess Sedna teaches us that by diving into the dark, cold places that we fear most, we are able to find the best in ourselves. She also teaches us that we are worthy of love and respect and that we deserve it and should expect it." Dr. Emoto's book told of an experiment of loving words and angry words spoken over a glass of water. The molecular structure reflected the emotions prayed over it. We can pray over the Cove and all who are still hanging onto old cultural behaviors. We pray for balance and healing NOW. I know there will be change soon.

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